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Ni hao!

Lily | Chinese | 96-liner

“Instead of a halo of light around you, it’s a pale pink halo of fluff.” -- Gloria

I'm a person who gets discouraged easily at times. I worry and care a lot. I'd rather hide my worries than burden others. Even though I find other ways to 'bother' my friends (Gloria, I'm so sorry. Changuns happens).

The header image was edited by me.

96% EXO

I need Jongin to cuddle to sleep and I need food because I’m oh-so-hungry and haven’t eaten in 14 hours.

  Anonymous said:
Hi, i was wondering if you knew what happened to jinseo? I'm worried about him!

Oh, sweetie. ;;

Don’t worry about him. He’s fine, as fine as he can be with what’s happened. If you want to know more, you can message me off anon or go and ask him. He’s back on Tumblr.

It’s 5 AM but I wanted to reply to make sure you’d see this. If I waited until I woke up and made some long reply, you might not have seen. But if you really want to know, hmu.
  Anonymous said:
im not mad okay. and i know urls are not owned, but they are anyones right to take. after all i deactivated. but its not a tumblr(.)com url its a co(.)vu which meant i made an account there and registered. i just feel like youre using my account since its still registered under my name. sorry.

Guys, I promise this is the last message. Don’t leave me ; u;

I’m a nice person (even I’m starting to believe this OTL). If you feel hurt or dislike that I’m using it, you could have asked nicely. Idk if it’s just because I’m sleepy but I felt like I was being threatened and in my past, everyone who tried to destroy me in some way never tried again. (Omo, I didn’t want to seem scary or mean ;;)

/face palms/ Jinseo. I can tell it’s you just by the way you type. (But I can’t do anything while on mobile, I’m sorry.)

  Anonymous said:
oh you cute, and i like your sass /winks/ ;D /attempts to flirt with you/

HAHAHA Omo /makes heartseu/

The sass only comes out when I’m tired or really comfortable with someone. I blame Cyn~ XD

  Anonymous said:
You do know you can't use people's co/vu without permission. I registered it so I have access to rename or delete it. change your tumblr url before i disable it permanently that no one can access your tumblr anymore.

Yo home skillet. Why don’t you get off anon and say it to my face? I don’t take kindly to people threatening me.

Look, Jin isn’t on Tumblr anymore and I wanted to keep a part of him alive on this site.

Do you think I’m stupid? I’ve had domains before. If they’re deleted, then the domain can’t be used. But the blog is still there. And you’re right to call it MY tumblr because it’s CERTAINLY NOT yours.
  Anonymous said:
why did you take jinseo's url?

Did I? Jeotsarang, chyokopai, olapeu. Didn’t know I misspelled ‘kailassic’.

  Anonymous said:
not sure why that anon's being mean to you ;; but i just wanted to say i think you're lovely, and that your blog is really great! i hope you have a really nice day ;w;

;; Thank you. /hugs/ I hope you have a wonderful day too!