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  chany2ol said:
hey don't be sad /hands you tissue box and sits next to you/ you can cry, but afterward lets just forget about it, ok? the best people don't always get the love they deserve, but maybe that's what makes them such incredible people. it takes not being loved enough to know how to love someone else. right? don't worry love, one day you'll meet someone (coughjonginnie) who loves and cares for you the way you should be loved and cared for, and this will all be in the past. Cheer up sunshine! 😊❤️

I’m really sorry for posting this, but I don’t want to lose this ever.

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  Anonymous said:
i know that family struggle man...

/pats your back/ I’m really sorry that you do. But it’s nice to know that someone understands. ^^

There is no such thing as sympathy in my family.